Participating Artists

Gale Webb

Abstract, Acrylic


Biography / Artist Statement

I’m so happy to say goodbye to 2020. For all of us it was a year of loss. A loss of businesses and separation from friends and family. In addition to that I discovered that I had cancer. I spent 2020 having surgery to remove cancer and months of chemotherapy and radiation. Even though I had the time to paint, I didn’t have the emotional or physical strength to do so.

Welcome 2021! I’m feeling energized again. I have begun a new series of paintings that represent the happiness that I am feeling. Even though they are small they are inspiring me. Perhaps at some point they will be used as a jumping off place for a larger piece. But for now, I am happy for them to remain small and be an encouragement to my soul.

Each piece was begun using all the different strokes and colors that I could imagine. After I had completely “messed” the page with pattern and shapes I began to simplify certain areas. I used acrylic as my medium as well as watercolor crayons and charcoal.