Participating Artists

Gale Webb

Abstract, Acrylic


Biography / Artist Statement

Art is a big part of who I am. Without the ability to create and be around creative friends there would be a huge hole in my heart. I have studied art for over 50 years, taking from noted teachers all over the United States. It seems that there is still so much learning to be done. I have a great love of the beautiful colors that my paints provide. I am particularly drawn to acrylics with their buttery texture. I am a painter of both realism and non-objective works but seem to enjoy taking realism into an abstracted form. Even when I am painting realistically, I always have an abstract underpainting to act as the framework. Just the pure process of painting brings me contentment. Never knowing how the finished product will turn out is part of the excitement.

I am a graduate of Texas Tech College and have an associate degree in art from South Plains Jr. College. I hold signature status in The American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Watercolor West, Southwestern Watercolor Society and I have been a member of West Texas Watercolor society for over 50 years. I have exhibited and received many awards, both nationally and regionally.