Participating Artists

Richie Vios



Biography / Artist Statement

Richie Vios was an architectural designer three years ago, but is now a full-time plein air watercolor artist based in Austin.

He travels all over the United States to compete in plein air events and does watercolor workshops along the way. He was a faculty member of the 2022 Watercolor Live and 2022 Teaching Faculty at Plein air Convention and Expo in Santa Fe, NM.

Richie believes that the mark of a good artist is to be able to capture the different facets of life in his painting, the mode, ambiance, etc. In a sense, not just illustrating or recording what he sees but expressing what he feels.

The subject in front of me is my inspiration, complementary with my imagination, charged with my passion and a personal artistic impression embodied in my watercolor works.

Recent Plein-air Awards:

  • 2021 Central City Plein-air CO., 3rd Placer
  • 2021 Steamboat Museum CO, Historic and 3rd Place awards
  • 2021 Plein-air Altitude, Fraser CO., 1st Place
  • 2021 Ester Park Plein-air, CO., 1st Place
  • 2021 Alameda Plein-air CA., 1st Place
  • 2021 Driggs Plein-air, Quick Draw and Artist Choice Award
  • 2021 Plain air Southwest, Galveston,1st Place
  • 2021 Paint Cedarburg Plein-air, Wisconsin; 3rd Place
  • 2021 Shadow on the Teche Plein-air, New Iberia, LA,  3rd Place