Participating Artists

J. Christopher White

Bronze, Wood Marquetry


Biography / Artist Statement

“Movement, rare woods and stone, exquisite grain patterns, fluid forms, are words used to describe the signature style of J Christopher White. His sculptures, coupled with a poetic verse, work together to express touching and eternal truth.”

White studied wildlife management at Texas Tech University and anatomy at the National Institute of Fine Arts, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuanto, Mexico.

In 2002, White pioneered the technique of the seamless union between two sculpting media – wood and bronze, or stone and bronze – and has in effect, created a third medium – the “Meld.” The Bronzewood Melds and Bronzestone Melds have brought him a new distinction; each piece is still “one-of-a-kind.”

Whether it be a wood sculpture or a Meld, he hunts the canyon lands of his native West Texas to find a rare piece of wood to create exceptionally unique sculptures. His sculptures are found in private, corporate and public collections worldwide.

Determined, pictured, is a Bronzewood Meld into West Texas Juniper mounted on Mesquite and Marra Mamba (aka Tiger’s eye), a semi-precious stone.