Participating Artists

Bonnie Ellis

Bronze, Sculptor


Biography / Artist Statement

Bonnie Ellis is an American painter. She was born and raised in the artistic oasis of West Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. Ellis has lived and worked in Albuquerque, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

Ellis specializes in creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere through her paintings that carry an ethereal quality to them for private, corporate, and healthcare facilities.
“My passion is to create images that elicit a memory, a place, a time, a feeling, a moment, a melody or even an unmet desire. My desire is for any person viewing my work to feel familiar feelings of emotion close to their heart and a place they would want to call home.”

Her unique style of using many layers of paint to imbue her works with a dreamlike response is her distinctive trademark that has endeared us for over a decade. Enchanting in its simplicity, Ellis creates a world where grace transforms reality into a place of peace, unconditional love, healing, and hope. “It is tremendously gratifying when I hear ‘I want to live in that place, I want to live there.’ That’s when I know I’m connecting with people in a spiritual way.”

Ellis employs light subtle tones with color variations to invoke a myriad of interpretation. Her work seeks to infuse thoughtfulness with deep spiritual contemplation. Floating fields of color layered upon subtleties of dripping paint, markings, and small gestures conjure these exclusive life echoes to us. Often working on pieces simultaneously, the birth of one painting inspires and gives way to another.

“My process is incredibly organic. Each piece takes on a life that is unique and lives in its own atmosphere and, I believe, ordained for the space it occupies. Consequently, a collective body of work becomes a language that fosters a conversation of the heart and a relationship.”

Ellis has a strong existing practice advanced under her own initiative. Her current oeuvre focusing on large-scale acrylic and/or oil paintings can be thought of as abstracted landscapes or seascapes and evoke the mood and emotions that one experiences in viewing a sunrise, body of water, or parallel. It refers to the peaceful energy that courses through her work; it is alive, changing, and breathing.

The works are quite beautiful. That her work speaks to a larger public is evident in a successful sales record primarily with private buyers. Ellis studied and has taught fine art in her home state of Texas. Bonnie Ellis art is acclaimed in the industry and held in numerous private and corporate collections and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and Canada.