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Legacy Award Winner Photo

Legacy Award Winner

The inaugural Legacy Award is presented to Glenna Goodacre to recognize her life-time achievement as an artists. Glenna had created more than 600 different pieces in bronze and marble including the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington D.C., the Sacajawea dollar coin design and an 8-foot standing portrait of Ronald Regan for the Reagan Library. Glenna's work has received many awards from national arts organizations and exhibitions.

Participating Artists

Charise Adams

Carol Alleman

Toni Arnett

Gerald Balciar

Sylvia Benitez

Bo Tan

Nancy Boren

Ruth Ellen Bryant

Duward Campbell

Shannon Cannings

William Cannings

Merlin Cohen

Nicholas Coleman

Kathleen Cook

Darrell Davis

Mick Doellinger

Jim Eppler

Richard Galusha

Damien Gonzales

Glenna Goodacre

David Griffin

Bob Guelich

Carol Howell

Lora Hunt

Michael Hurd

Erika Pochybova

James W. Johnson

Spider Johnson

T.D. Kelsey

Steve Kestrel

Ellie Kreneck

Lynwood Kreneck

Laura Lewis

Susan Nall

Betsy Ranck

Cynde Roof

Rosie Sandifer

Jason Scull

Gale Webb

Garland Weeks

Bill Worrell